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switcheroo- Lisa W now leads our Friday 6pm Vinyasa, and Yanni leads our Saturday 9am Ashtanga Primary.

cancelled:Monday 7:30pm Vinysa is no longer on our schedule

moving: This Sunday 4pm Vinyasa with Ana D(1/25) is our last one. No class on 2/1 , then moving to 5pm  with Yanni, starting February 8th.

Mysore Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm With Minnar

 6pm Modified Ashtanga with Yanni and 7:30 Yin Yoga with Adam are now on Wednesdays

New Vinyasa classes
Sundays 5pm with Yanni starting Feb 8.
Thursdays, 4:30pm Vinyasa with Amy Ross. starting Feb 12.


 Front Desk Updates:

 All new Prana in the house! Mens' Tees, Womens' Tops, shorts and pants and more!
Check out our sale bin, with last season's prana tops as low as $20! flip flops for $10 and more.


We now accept American Express. Rack up those points!

Ten Class cards now have an expiration date of FOUR months.

Save $250! Register by 1/29! Come with us to Costa Rica! Daily Yoga and adventure in a tropical rainforest mountaintop retreat, with Karen G & Erika Lee, Jason Mastrian and Dragan Guirici .

Carrah Chapman, esthetician to our  Lotus Pad . . Check our her bio and our other talented therapists here.
  we love facials with Carrah! 

Workshop Registrations now open for Ana Guerra(Jan 18), Kids Yoga 101 w Cookie (Jan 21) and Erika Lee(January 23-24) and Thai Yoga with Aaron Erikson(Jan 28).  Please go to our events page for the deets.


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Famous. We were in a segment on the NBC TODAY SHOW . Here is the video link  

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We are often asked "What classes are appropriate for beginners?" This is a tricky question.Typically we would ask you a few questions to help determine where you are and what you want.For example:
1) Are you looking to relax and slow down or, are you wanting to get strong and flexible? Your answer might be "both!".
2) Are you currently injured or recovering from injury or surgery? If so you would want a less intense class where you could work slowly and carefully so as not to get in the way of your recovery. Or Do you have a regular physical workout and are in reasonably good physical condition? Maybe you run, or lift weights or do cardio or...In that case you may want a more vigorous class, where you would be challenged because you are a person who likes to move and don't have too much in the way of that.
Almost all of our classes are mixed levels, meaning everyone is welcome to "try on" a style, teacher or class and find their own unique path of practice.Your possibilites, as well as your abilities will change from year to year or even from day to day.Your choice of class has more to do with what style of movement works for you, your level of physical conditoning, your known physical limitations and ultimately your unknown mental limitations, which you will find reveal themselves rather quickly!  No worries though because limitations are the places from which we grow; Problems arise when we compare ourselves to others. Make the practice truly your own and you will be truly doing Yoga, living Yoga. Our instructors facilitate this by suggesting posture modifications as needed making things less challenging-- or maybe more challenging. A few classes are clearly labeled Intermediate/Advanced so Beginners, you may want to work your way over to those.

So, with that being said we have rated our classes with lit matches rather than by level. Slower classes will have one or two match flames. The more match flames, the more intense the pace and postures. Flames do not indicate temperature of room(room is not heated unless its really, really cold outside). We just open the windows for fresh air..but it is South Florida, on the second floor, so the rooms are naturally warm most of the year and for certain-- you will sweat!!!

 Note: We do not heat our classes(unless it's really "cold" out) -exception Thursday 6pm Warm Vinyasa.(by donation)

Our match icons indicate intensity and/or pace---not a heated room.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Guided Full Primary Series
Class time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Do you love Vinyasa? All Vinyasa came from the Ashtanga Vinyasa practices!
Led in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, a  series of 72 postures linked together in a vigorous flowing manner. Very dynamic and athletic, the true focus of this practice is the breath. Although modifications are given for all levels, if you have not done Ashtanga before, are injured, or have been off your practice for a while, we suggest you come to a few of the Modified Ashtanga classes to get a feel for the sequencing of the practice and to build strength slowly and safely.
Though some beginners do well in this class, the pace is quite quick and best for those who know their bodies and limitations.

high-flameAshtanga Vinyasa Modified Primary
Class time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

This pared-down, slowed-down version of the Ashtanga Primary Series is a way to build strength and endurance thru alignment awareness and to learn the flow of the series. This class is suitable for those new to Ashtanga, and those who are somewhat fit who are new to yoga. Also directed for more experienced practitioners who may desire a less intense practice and/or may be short on time or rehabbing an injury. Slower pace, shorter time, more alignment cues than the full series. Prep poses often given before hip openers. Modifications are given for all levels.

high-flameAshtanga Modified Second Series
-currently not offered.
Class time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

This class is the perfect complement to those doing the Ashtanga Primary Series or Modified Primary. Where Primary Series focuses on forward bending, Second, (aka Intermediate Series), focuses on backbends and twists. This invigorating practice works on energy, spinal flexibility. We slow the pace and break down each pose as needed while still maintaining a vigorous flow. Modifications given for all levels. Familiarity with Primary series not required for this class but is helpful. Modifications and challenges gladly given.


Intro to Ashtanga-currently not offered
1 hour 15 minutes
. This class will cover all introductory aspects of the  Ashtanga practice enabling you to attend any yoga class with confidence. It is taught gently and so is approved for all levels, whether beginning a Yoga practice, beginning an Ashtanga or a Mysore practice or well-advanced in your current Vinyasa or Gentle practice .This class will allow you a deep exploration of the key components of Ashtanga that will translate into all practices.
Back to basics is always a good place to visit! All levels.
  • Overview of Ashtanga and the 'Mysore' system
  • The breath, bandhas and drishti
  • Opening sequence - Surya Namaskara
  • Standing poses
  • Closing sequence
  • Understanding the art and science of the Asana practice

Ashtanga Mysore Style 
 Class time: Up to 2 hours.

Accelerated learning for all levels!
This is a self exploration of the Ashtanga practices with a teacher present for assistance and guidance. Perfect for those new to ashtanga as well as those more familiar with the practice. This REALLY is the way that BEGINNERS were traditionally taught Ashtanga and it makes sense...
In silence(non guided) you will practice the Ashtanga series. You may start at the beginning time of the class or anytime before about 7:15am  for classes beginning at 6:30am . There is no "late" to class as everyone moves at their own pace. Do allow enough time to get a thorough practice, even if not a complete series.
Newcomers to Ashtanga are certainly welcome, however you will benefit most if you commit to a full month of Mysore 2+ times per week. Drop-ins are for students with some Ashtanga experience-, even just a bit will be fine.

Though most of you will be moving through First Series, Second Series and above practicioners are also welcome. You will experience a deeper exploration of the Ashtanga practice through very individualized and specific assists from a highly trained Ashtanga instructor. You are not expected to go through the series in its entirety. The instructor will advise you of next postures, of modifications, and also where to stop. Injuries will be considered and modified for. The idea is to have a deep understanding of each posture as it relates to your body and its capacities and limitations before you move to the next posture-- similar to the color belt systems in Martial Arts.
The reason the learning process is so accelerated in a Mysore practice is that it meets you where you are--maybe you want to work more slowly thru the Marichyasana section of the series-- there's that darn bind you cannot seem to get. Maybe spend more time in backbends or finishing postures..or..you choose.  Your five breaths duration is unique, so you can slow it down, speed it up.. whatever supports connection for you in your practice. Perhaps you just want to learn the series by memory- this will do it!
We show 3 flames here, but it could be 2 or 5...its up to you. Its your practice!
Here are some things to know when attending Mysore classes at Red Pearl:

  • Start time is flexible--Come as early as the start time or any time after that(generally within 30 or so min so you fit in a thorough practice).
  • Please bring a dry, clean hand towel to be used for your own personal assists by the instructor. You'll be sweaty. 
  •   Drop in fee is $20. or use your class card. No discounts on drop-in class for Mysore.
  • Let the instructor know of any injuries or conditions- no matter how insignificant you think they might be.


Class time: 1 hour and 15  minutes (up to 90 minutes)

Upbeat music will accompany you through explorations of standing and seated postures, backbending, balancing , twists and inversions. These exhilarting and confidence-building posture flows will be taught with a detailed progression that will move you toward your fullest expression of the postures. After practice we wind down to a deep savasana or guided meditation that will polish your newly sharpened edges into a peaceful, balanced  invigorated state of being.Affectionately referred to as "potluck" by one of our students, this class utilizes the breath/movement (Vinyasa) principles inspired by Ashtanga but rather than a set series of postures, the sequence is different for each class. Groups of postures link together in a flowing way, creating a "moving meditation" that is at once invigorating, sometimes challenging, and also grounding and soothing. Each class takes a different focus or intention and no two are ever the same! For example, one day hip openers, another day arm balances, or maybe strength and foundation work. Modifications are given for all levels.




Minimalist Vinyasa
Class time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Less Chat, More Mat.Similar in pace and intensity to our regular Vinyasa but fewer alignment cues and less talking from the instructor. Groove deeper into the music or into your inner practice-- Maybe both! Postures and transitions may be called out(example: "Warrior One" or "Vinyasa") but without all the extra attention to verbal detail.

If you are new to Yoga, we recommend that you attend a minimum of 10 of our regular Vinyasa classes before coming to this class so you are somewhat familar with the ever changing postures and your ever changing body. This class will likely feel more intense because your inner focus will be turned up but we know you can do it!


Slow Flow
Class time: 1 hour and 15 to 30 minutes

This Practice is a blend of classical Hatha Yoga and Flow Yoga(aka Vinyasa).  Emphasis is placed on the postures, breath manipulation and purifying the nervous system as a means to bring the body and mind to a state of harmony --and beyond.  The various practices and techniques are really a preparation;  They prepare the student for the practice of concentration and meditation and then eventually, for the yoga to do its deeper work. Expect to hold the postures a bit longer at times than you might in a standard vinyasa class. There is a misconception about the word "hatha"- it does not mean "easy"  but instead refers to all physical yoga practices. This class will ask for sweat, focus and challenge, but modifications are provided for all levels.  Posture variations are also given for injuries/limitations and  for advanced practitioners 

low-flameGentle Hatha
Class time: 1 hour and 15-30  minutes

Nice and easy does it. If you have been away from Yoga for a while, why not take it slow on your re-entry. Or if you are new to Yoga, and not sure where you are yet...A series of Hatha (physical postures)with emphasis on alignment, pranayama(breath and subtle energy control) this class fosters mind-body integration and awareness in a much  less fiery practice than most other classes. All levels.Also great for those recovering from injury who need a slower paced class. All are welcome to slow down and enjoy the ride.



Class time: 1 hour and 15-30 minutes

This class combines the deep, slow stretch of the connective tissues, (Yin) and then follows up with a slow flow asana practice that focuses on alignment and  muscle activation.. Great for all levels as it helps to refine your postures as well as release any accumulate tension in the body. See our Yin description below for more in depth explanation of Yin Yoga and it's benefits..


Yin Yoga
Class time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Yin Yoga is a way of accessing deep release of muscles and tissues through sustained and supported stretches. Traditionally Yin is done with "cold"  muscles so as to bypass the muscle tissue and go deeper into the connective tissues and joints. Stretches are typically held 1-4  minutes with emphasis on breath, and staying present. Though slow, the sensations of this release can be very intense and deep, physically as well as emotionally.
 Props (supports) are supplied but please feel free to bring your own if you have them.

All levels are welcome as this will benefit beginners to the most advanced. Great for creaky bodies and also for serious athletes to access areas deep in the body that get overworked thru running, cycling, cross fit, etc.



Yoga Barre-currently not offered. Seeking qualified instructor for this class...know someone?
Class time: 1 hour
Relax your mind and re-energize your body with this total body workout that fuses the disciplines of core conditioning, pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, and yoga. It allows you to work from the inside out, consistently delivering results, including toned thighs, sculpted arms, a lifted seat and sculpted abs. Barre burns fat in record breaking time and is the fastest, most effective way to change your body. This uplifting class will unleash your inner warrior leaving you strengthened, stretched, and sweaty! Open to all levels


Core Power Hour
Class time: 1 hour

Since moving from our core is so integral to functional, graceful movement, we offer this short, and core focused Yoga classes for all levels. Integrating core support into all movement, we find and refine our awareness of our center. Obliques, lower abs, upper abs, will all get a workout and mula bandha will often be addressed as it is the origin of all safe and fluid movement. This work of this class is intended to help you with your functionality, posture, body tone, strength and more. All levels will be safely challenged. Not for pregnant women due to the frequently strong abdominal work.

low-flamePre-natal/Post-natal Yoga (Doctor's Note Required)
Class time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

The purpose of Pre Natal Yoga is to prepare the body, mind and emotions for birth and motherhood through the gifts of yoga. Classes will focus on allowing the body to open on it's own through encouragement and support. Strengthening postures will also be exlored, cultivating ways to cope with the myriad of changes that pregnancy can bring. Each class will include postures and natural breathing techniques that will be useful during labor.Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with yoga, modifications will be given with respect to each persons' trimester and abilities. 

Pregnant women wishing to participate in other REGULAR classes must get instructor permission, and must have had a regular athletic and/or yoga practice before getting pregnant. Also must present a doctor's note to instructor and are subject to instructor evaluation for continuation in the regular classes

medium-flameKids Yoga for ages 4+
Class time: 1 hour

Whether it's a tall tree in a magical rainforest, crazy cobra slithering through the desert, or a garden filled with friendship flowers, Kids Yoga Classes invoke creativity while promoting strength, balance and independence.Each class is designed specifically for the age group with attention to the needs and abilities of each child. It is infused with classic yoga poses, creative movements, music, games, laughter and most importantly-- relaxation. You will be amazed at the difference a little yoga can make in your kid's life--and yours!!! Ages 4 and up.Exceptions are possible with Kid's teacher evaluation.



Baby and Me-offered as a group private for 5 or more, pre paid, arranged by instructor.
Please call Bethany Frankel for pricing /times/details. 954.465.3329

Class time: 45 minutes/Baby ages: for pre-crawlers/crawlers--no walkers
Stretch, bond, and breathe with your beautiful baby in this special yoga series designed for new mothers and infants . Meet other moms and babies while you strengthen and support post-partum and sleep deprived bodies with specifically chosen asanas and sequences.Every class will devote time for gentle hands-on yoga and massage for babies; aiding in their digestion and promoting the sleep-wake cycle. Bonding postures and playful songs are also explored. Dress comfortably and bring a receiving blanket for your treasure to place over your yoga mat or on the floor next to your mat.

Caregivers and Dads welcome, too!
5 class commitment required($85). Purchase with the instructor.

Please be prepared to bring any dirty diapers home with you. We cannot accomdate those in the studio trash receptacles.

Toddler and Me- also offered as a group private for 5 or more, pre paid, arranged by instructor.
 Please call Bethany Frankel for pricing /times/details. 954.465.3329

Class time: cartoon porn 45 minutes/Toddler ages: 2- 3


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